An externally-fired air turbine which provides a core engine, gearbox and generator.

This system provides customers with the flexibility to intergrate robust power generation with their specific external heat applicatons. The MT250 EX is the only turbine in its class to offer such options to the customer



Nominal Electrical Output 250 kW
Air Mass Flow Rate 4.7 lb/sec
Package Footprint 3,35 mtr x 2.13 mtr



  • MT250 gas turbine package with combustor and fuel system removed
  • Modified controls to enable customer intergration
  • Includes instrumentation, power protection, AVR, safety components, and AC starter


  • Internal cogeneration hot water heat recovery
  • Available with or without recuperator
  • Special air adapter


  • Easy Intergration to Custom Processes or Systems
  • Comprehensive Development Packaging
  • Robust System Design
  • Compact Power Source
  • Intergrated High Effectiveness recuperator


Ideal for applications such as biomass combustion, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) heating and heat capture from industrial processes.