Dresser-Rand 2 MW KG2-3G combined with Ener-Core Gradual Oxidizer (GO)

The Gradual Oxidizer is now available with the 2 MW Dresser-Rand KG2-3G. the standard combustor is replaced by the Ener-Core Oxidizer and can operate on a gaseous fuel that is much lower in quality and with fewer emissions than in a conventional turbine. ENER-CORE POWERSTATION KG2-3GO


Dresser-Rand KG2-3G new available in combination with the Ener-Core Oxidizer.


The Dresser-Rand® KG gas turbine family comprises nearly 1,000 units produced and installed in the field and has accumulated more than 25 million operating hours, with some high-time engines running for more than 245,000 continuous hours.