News Release Issued: July 23, 2014 (1:14pm CEST)

Letter of Comfort from Director General Energy Cape Verde

On July 23, 2014, Holland Renewable Energy Technologies, receives from the Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Energy, Dr. Antonio Baptista, a Letter of Comfort regarding the installation of energy production units, through the waste management system in Cape Verde.

Dr. Antonio Baptista

Dr. Antonio Baptista states that: ” the project fits into the strategy of the Government of Cape Verde, to provide the country of alternative energy sources and build an efficient and sustainable energy sector that will reduce dependence on fossil energy, significantly alleviating the burden of imports of the fuel on the country’s trade balance.

Moreover, it is an objective of the Government, for the energy sector, covered by renewable sources about 100% of the needs of the country of electric power, by 2020. This project fits perfectly with targets set by the Government.

The DGE supports and welcomes positive view of the project in question, since this is an investment of great importance in the context of the strategy of development of power sector and falls in the energy policy and objectives set by the government for this sector.

Given that we are available to support this project, started itself through this declaration, which were duly signed and authenticated with the stamp in use in this institution”.

Issued by:

Mr Antonio Baptista

Director Geral da Energia Cabo Verde