April 7, 2015 (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) – Earth Hour swept across twenty-four zones and six continents on 28th March 8:30 PM local time – Check out Earth Hour Live – .Next Earth Hour will be March 19, 2016. Let’s all join this great initiative.

Although today you are already able to celebrate Earth Hour, every day – and power our houses, buildings and industry with clean green energy, by using industrial waste gases as a clean fuel for our energy supply. The Ener-Core Powerstation makes it possible!


The Problem

Our global society releases masive amounts of waste gases as by-product of its energy, industrial and agricultural processes.

Non-compliance with environmenal regulatons is very costly.

Currently, large investments are made to clean these waste gases.

We SPILL 150 billion cubic meters of gas, annually

1,5 times the natural gas production of for instance The Netherlands

Equivalent of the energy needs of 100 million homes.

 picture 20150329


The Opportunity

The Ener-Core Powerstation Technology

Now, we can USE that energy, to produces clean green energy, that will lighten our homes


Every Hour of the Year!