Presentation/Paper Brochure Ener-Core Powerstation EC333

Ener-Core, Inc. Irvine California USA, Inc. and Attero

Extending Renewable Electricity Generation for Decades at Closed Landfill Sites with Gas below 30% methane
Speaker Alain Castro, Chief Executive Officer Ener-Core, Inc. United States
Alain Castro

Alain Castro
Chief Executive Officer Ener-Core, Inc
United States



Marcel Ligter

Marcel Ligter
Senior Process Engineer
Attero B.V.


Theme description

Only a generation ago, renewable technologies such as wind power were seen as pipe-dreams. Today wind power, solar and other previously innovative technologies have become main-stream.
In this session several innovative new technologies at various stages of development will be presented.  How much difference can such innovative technologies make to carbon emissions? Will such technologies be on the margins or could they become mainstream? Can such technologies replace the existing means of energy generation? If so what are the down sides if any?