The DOEN Energie [s] Topper competion,

Is a national competition for entrepreneurs and existing companies with innovative solutions in the field of energy saving. You can win 100,000 euros with which you can further develop your product or service. For the competition the organizers are looking for so-called ‘zero heroes’- forerunners in the field of energy saving and providers of easily applicable products or services in the Netherlands, which make it easy for consumers and companies to save energy.

Holland Renewable Energy Technologies B.V. (Holland-RET) is a fast growing start-up, located in the Innovation Dock of RDM-Rotterdam. Office K5, Scheepsbouwweg 8, 3089 JW Rotterdam.

We are introducing a new environmentally friendly way of clean fossil-free energy generation, by means of the ENER-CORE ECOSTATION.

This new technique enables the industry to generate electricity and heat independently. The system makes good use of harmful and polluting residual gases from various industries.

Residual gases that are flared worldwide on a large scale and cause damage to our environment and in which extra natural gas (as support gas) is wasted, because these residual gases are too low to be burned independently.

The ECOSTATION produces this energy with “zero emissions”. By using this technique, the use of natural gas and coal in power plants is reduced and with this the emission of CO2 and combustion NOx, which occurs in all forms of combustion at high temperature and is harmful to the environment.

The ECOSTATION operates under the relatively low temperature (900 ° C), where no NOx is formed. In addition to the benefits for the environment, the industry also benefits financially, because “free energy” is generated in-house and any surplus can be supplied to the electricity and heat grid.