Jan 30, 2018 – Ener-Core and Siemens’ Dresser-Rand Business Announce Grid Synchronization of 3.5 MW Co-Generation Pland at Pacific Ethanol.

Press Releases Ener-Core, Inc. January 30, 2018

Key milestone in commercialization of Ener-Core technology

IRVINE, CA — (Marketwired) — 01/30/18 — Ener-Core, Inc. (OTCQB: ENCR), a developer and licensor of innovative gas conversion technologies for global commercial and industrial facilities, announced that its first two 1.75 megawatt (MW) Power Oxidizers integrated with the Dresser-Rand (part of Siemens Power and Gas Division) business’ KG2-3G gas turbines have achieved electrical synchronization with the power grid. The systems are now producing electricity and steam at the Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (NASDAQ: PEIX) bio-refinery in Stockton, California. The successful operation and grid synchronization represents the last significant technical milestone before full production of the Dresser-Rand business’ KG2-3G Power Oxidizer units. Pacific Ethanol expects that the systems should enable the Stockton bio-refinery to reduce its energy purchases by an estimated $1 million per quarter.

The Ener-Core Power Oxidizers are designed to replace the traditional gas-fired combustion chamber within Combined Heat and Power (CHP) gas turbines. The resulting integrated CHP gas turbine solution enables industrial sites to convert their low-quality waste gases directly into useful clean power and heat and steam, which allows the Dresser-Rand business to provide industrial clients with a first-of-its-kind solution that can substantially reduce their purchases of energy from the grid while also reducing carbon and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. The Dresser-Rand business and Ener-Core engineering teams have worked collaboratively since the beginning of 2015 to integrate the Ener-Core Power Oxidizer into the Dresser-Rand KG2 gas turbine; the scheduled final commissioning of the first two systems at Pacific Ethanol’s Stockton bio-refinery represents a new chapter in the Ener-Core business.

Christian Lupp, Vice President of Commercialization of New Technologies at the Dresser-Rand business, said: “With this grid synchronization now achieved, the Dresser-Rand business and Ener-Core engineering teams are nearing completion of a remarkable and highly anticipated integration project. With this milestone, we look forward to the commercial deployment of this innovative and strategically valuable product line, and also to potentially expanding the scope of our existing license in the future.”

Alain Castro, CEO of Ener-Core, commented: “It has been a long three-year project, but we now have a technologically approved and integrated 1.75 MW PowerStation that is fully available for commercial deployment under the Dresser-Rand business’ manufacturing umbrella. I have been inspired by the relentless dedication of our engineering team, and would like to thank them as well as the engineers and project team members from the Dresser-Rand business and Pacific Ethanol. Without the persistence and hard work of this collaborative team, we could not have reached this important commercial milestone. We look forward to full commercialization in 2018 for the KG2-3G Power Oxidizer units.”

Neil Koehler, President and CEO of Pacific Ethanol, stated, “The installation of the Power Oxidizer at our Stockton plant demonstrates our commitment to reducing costs, reducing carbon and NOx emissions, and improving profitability throughout our nine facilities. By using waste gases to deliver usable, clean base-load electricity and steam production, we expect the cogeneration system will reduce our energy costs by an estimated $4 million per year.”

About Ener-Core
Irvine, California-based Ener-Core, Inc. (OTCQB: ENCR) owns and licenses its proprietary Power Oxidation technology, which has been commercially deployed and generates base load, clean power from polluting waste gases including methane. Ener-Core’s patented Power Oxidizer is designed to turn one of the most potent pollution sources into a profitable, “always on” source of clean energy. Ener-Core’s technology offers an alternative to the flaring (burning) of gaseous pollution while generating operating efficiencies and reducing the costs of compliance with environmental regulations. Ener-Core offers the 250 kW Ener-Core EC250 and the larger, 2 MW Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3GEF/PO. For more information, please visit www.ener-core.com.

About the Dresser-Rand business
The Dresser-Rand business, part of Siemens Power and Gas, is a leading supplier of mission-critical, high-speed rotating equipment solutions to the worldwide oil, gas, petrochemical, and process industries. As part of the global Siemens family, the Dresser-Rand business offers an equipment portfolio that includes turbo and reciprocating compressors; steam turbines; industrial and aero-derivative gas turbines; high-speed engines; and modular power substations. With the world’s largest installed base, one of the world’s largest technical support and service center networks, and a presence in more than 150 countries worldwide, Siemens delivers local solutions and services on a global scale.

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Oct 27, 2017 – Holland-RET participates in the DOEN Energie(S)Toppers competions.

The DOEN Energie [s] Topper competion,

Is a national competition for entrepreneurs and existing companies with innovative solutions in the field of energy saving. You can win 100,000 euros with which you can further develop your product or service. For the competition the organizers are looking for so-called ‘zero heroes’- forerunners in the field of energy saving and providers of easily applicable products or services in the Netherlands, which make it easy for consumers and companies to save energy.

Holland Renewable Energy Technologies B.V. (Holland-RET) is a fast growing start-up, located in the Innovation Dock of RDM-Rotterdam. Office K5, Scheepsbouwweg 8, 3089 JW Rotterdam.

We are introducing a new environmentally friendly way of clean fossil-free energy generation, by means of the ENER-CORE ECOSTATION.

This new technique enables the industry to generate electricity and heat independently. The system makes good use of harmful and polluting residual gases from various industries.

Residual gases that are flared worldwide on a large scale and cause damage to our environment and in which extra natural gas (as support gas) is wasted, because these residual gases are too low to be burned independently.

The ECOSTATION produces this energy with “zero emissions”. By using this technique, the use of natural gas and coal in power plants is reduced and with this the emission of CO2 and combustion NOx, which occurs in all forms of combustion at high temperature and is harmful to the environment.

The ECOSTATION operates under the relatively low temperature (900 ° C), where no NOx is formed. In addition to the benefits for the environment, the industry also benefits financially, because “free energy” is generated in-house and any surplus can be supplied to the electricity and heat grid.

Oct 17, 2017 – Mckinsey report – Energy transition: Mission (im)possible for industry?

McKinsey October 7, 2017:

Dutch industrial companies have a key role to play in repositioning the Netherlands to thrive in a low-carbon future. Despite technological challenges and the pressure of global competition, it is possible for them to lower their greenhouse-gas emissions in line with European goals.

Carbon dioxide emissions from industry could drop by 60 percent in 2040 and by 80 to 95 percent by 2050, as a result of creating, refining, and applying new processes, technologies, and feedstocks on a large scale. Although subject to uncertainty, we estimate that the cost of implementing the menu of the six most promising decarbonization options amounts to €21 billion to €23 billion by 2040, and about €55 billion by 2050.

Such an industrial energy transition would both benefit from lower prices for electricity generated from renewables, as well as help spur the integration of renewables into the national energy system. The report recommends that key players from industry join with the public sector, utilities, and transmission and distribution companies to come up with an integrated masterplan for the industrial energy transition and optimize design of the emerging energy system.



March 16, 2017 – Holland-RET participates in the NH3 event 2017 – 18 and 19 May 2017 at RDM Rotterdam

NH3 Event | 1st European Power to Ammonia® Conference

1st European Conference on Sustainable Ammonia Solutions aims to gather thought societies, industries and academics, including well-known experts, developers and scientists to present the latest research results, present achievements, application fields and business prospects in energy solutions.

This conference welcomes all researchers, industrialists, scientists as well as student and corporate delegates to participate and to have a great experience.

Holland Renewable Energy Technologies B.V. presents “Oxidation of NH3 without formation of NOx”,  by Joris Barendregt.