The Ener-Core EcoStation EC250

Is the only clean power generation solution which runs directly on low pressure, low quality gases which typically cannot be utilized or even flared.

By integrating thermal oxidation with proven turbines, the system consumes the widest range of gases from 100% to as low as 1.5% methane – all while producing near-zero NOX emissions.

How it works

The Gradual Oxidizer replaces the combustor in this 250kW system, producing the heat to drive the turbine. With low-Btu fuels, fuel is aspirated with air prior to the inlet and oxidation, eliminating external compression and accepting low pressure gas.

Higher quality fuels can be directly injected at a higher pressure upstream of the Oxidizer, resulting in virtually undetectable emissions.

In both the aspirated and direct inject configurations, low oxidation temperature enables the FP250 to use the widest range of gases without thermal formation of NOX.


The Ener-Core  EcoStation EC250

Strenghts & Key Features

  • Near Zero NOx Emissions
  • Meets stringent environmental standards
  • Accepts fuels with down to 1.5% methane content
  • Minimal Fuel Conditioning
  • Non-Catalytic: Cannot be poisoned or rendered inactive
  • Mechanically simple: No actuating parts
  • Both high-pressure fuel injection or low-pressure fuel aspiration
  • No additional chemicals needed (no urea for SCR’s, etc.)
  • No Fuel Cleanup or Conditioning


  • Landfills and Biogas
  • Associated Petroleum Gas
  • Natural Gas Systems
  • Industrial Flares / Gases
  • Coal Mines (Closed / VAM)