The Ener-Core EcoStation KG2-3GO is the only clean power generation solution which runs directly on low-pressure, low-quality gases which otherwise cannot be utilized.

The system integrates proprietary oxidation technology with a field proven 2MW-class Dresser-Rand gas turbine, efficiently generating electricity with near-zero emissions.

The KG2-3GO’s wide fuel range enables operation on extremely low grade or waste fuels, landfill gas, biogas, coal gas, and associated petroleum gas.

Its ability to maintain near-zero emissions excels in regulated air quality markets without additional emissions controls.

The base turbine of the KG2-3GO evolved from the successful Dresser Rand line of KG2-3 gas turbines, which comprise nearly 1,000 fielded units with over 25 million operating hours.

The KG2-3G turbine line is the preferred solution for clean power requirements from 1 to 12 MW.

KG2-3G Power Oxidizer

Features and Benefits

    • Class-leading fuel efficiency
    • High effectiveness recuperator
    • Wide fuel specification tolerance
    • Ultra-low emissions Gradual Oxidizer, <1 ppm NOx
    • No catalyst and no chemicals used
    • H2S and siloxane acceptance

Package arrangement Gasturbine

  • Industrial, single-shaft KG2-3G
  • Single-stage compressor and turbine
  • Cantilevered rotor configuration (no “hot” bearings)
  • Brushless synchronous generator
  • Manufacturer of client’s choice
  • Steel base frame
  • Integrated lube oil system
  • PLC control system with monitoring
  • Weatherproof acoustic enclosure
  • Inlet and exhuast system
  • Packed bed gradual oxidizer (“no moving parts”)
  • ASME pressure vessel
  • Multi fuel gas operation
  • Ultra-low emissions