The Flex Turbine GT250 EX is an externally-fired air turbine which provides a core engine, gearbox and generator. An air turbine to be used with an external heat source that can be customized and easily integrated into yur power generation process

“External” Heat Applications

  • Special external combustion
  • Heat capture from industrial processes
  • Biomass combustion Concentrated solar power

The FLEX Turbine GT250 EX


  • Easy Integration to Custom Processes or Systems
  • Comprehensive Development Packaging
  • Robust System Design
  • Compact Power Source
  • Integrated High Effectiveness Recuperator

Environmental Benefit

  • Ideal for applications such as biomass combustion
  • Concentrated Solar Power
  • (CSP) heating and heat capture from industrial processes


  • Nominal Electrical Output 250 kW
  • Air Mass Flow Rate 4.7 lb/sec
  • Package Footprint 11 ft x 7 ft

FLEX Turbine GT250 EX: Schedule